The work of Yuri Rodekin blends tradition and modernity, but always in reference to himself. There are artists who paint what they feel and others what they see, Rodekin paints the reflection in the mirror. It is a looking-glass with something of Alice about it and his reflected presence has an air of Wonderland, as well as a dandyish feel from another time.

“My paintings deal with things and feelings that give me joy,” says the Russian artist who now lives in Austria, in a solitary natural spot next to a lake. “Life is art and art is life,” says Rodekin.


Born (1960) Moved to Italy (1983)
Lives and works in Austria 

Solo exhibitions

2023 Kantor Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2022 Epea Pteroenta, Althuis Hofland Fine Arts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Art Antwerp 2022, Antwerp, Belgium with Althuis Hofland Fine Arts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2013 Les rendez-vous extraordinaires avec les ombres, Ornis A. Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2012 Drawings, Galleria Saavedra, Barcelona, Spain
2011 Ornis A. Gallery, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2009 Vermiglio, Studio D’arte Raffaelli, Trento, Italy
2006 I PORTI DEL FUTURO, Victor Saavedra, Barcelona, Spain
2005 Idoli ed eroi, Victor Saavedra, Barcelona, Spain
2004 Victor Saavedra, Barcelona, Spain
2000 I nuovi dipinti, In Arco, Torino, Italy
1998 Les theatres barocques, Studio D’arte Raffaelli, Trento, Italy
1997 Le Storie di Panthagatu, In Arco, Torino, Italy
1996 Franco Toselli, Milan, Italy
1995 Galleria Zelig, Bari, Italy
1994 Galleria Liliana Maniero,Rome, Italy
1993 Galleria Pio Monti, Rome, Italy
1987 Galleria Mario Mammano, Milan, Italy
1985 Galleria L’Agrifoglio, Milan, Italy 


Group exhibitions 

2021 Landscape from Memory, Althuis Hofland Fine Arts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2012 Perugia, Miomao, Lospaziobianco Galleria Saavedra, Barcelona, Spain
2009 Buecher buecher, curator: P. Weiermair Blickle Stiftung, BRD
2006 Galleria Saavedra, Barcelona, Spain
2005 Knap-Kunc-Rodekin-Salvo,Victor Saavedra, Barcelona
2004 Bologna – Le retoriche di Eros –L’Ariete
2003 DANDY, curator: John Sillevis, Haags Gemeente Museum, The Hague, The Netherlands 2002 GAM di Bologna, museo comunale, curator P. Weiermaier
2001 Lune Parlanti, Monte ore Conca, curator: W.Gasperoni
          Bologna, XENOBIO, curator: Hidehiro Ikegami
1998 ART 29’98, Messe Basel
          Art Brussels
New Zone Arte, Ortona, curator: Adriana Martino
Art Frankfurt No.10
1997 Museo della Repubblica di San Marino, curator: A.Fiz Alter, Toselli, Torino, Italy
          Venti del Nord, GALICA Galleria, Milan, Italy
Living Art Gallery, PortoFranco, Milan, Italy
Mosca-New York, In Arco, Torino, Italy
ADC, Grimm,a cura di Lisa Ponti,Toselli, Milan, Italy
1996 Franco Toselli, Milan, Italy
1995 RIPARTE, Electronic Art, Rome, Italy
1994 Ritratto-Aitoritratto Flash art Museum
1994 Trevi Ex Vero , Pallazzo Ubaldi, F.A.Museum
1993 Pio Monti, Rome, Italy
1993 ARTEROMA 93, palazzo della civilta’ italiania, Italy