Brooklyn-based painter Austin Eddy creates autobiographical paintings that straddle the line between figuration and abstraction. His monochromatic works—mixtures of oil pastel, cardboard, spray-paint, and newsprint—have been described as Picassoeque, their flattened and fractured forms harkening back to 20th century Cubism.

During the past decade Eddy has been navigating painting in various forms. Over the past few years his focus has shifted to an exploration of the metaphor of birds and the spaces they occupy. Eddyʼs semi representational imagery could be considered an attempt to stave off the claustrophobia of anxiety though the visual exploration of widened landscapes and sensory perceptions. The images addressed in these works exist less as singular representations of birds, and more as formal starting points to open a discussion of various aspects of the human condition.

Particularly in this body of work Eddy mines memory and personal experience to construct abstracted narratives alluding to love and longing. Allowing the experience to be constructed through tone and color, the birds become coat racks for emotion. The titles of the works similarly pull together poetic and musical references. He collages geographic locations, weather conditions, light, and literature to allude to muddy feelings and psychological experiences.


(Photo by Dave Sanders for The New York Times)


School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA in Painting, 2009


Solo Exhibitions / Two Person Shows

As The Crow Flies, Baldwin Gallery, Aspen, CO. (Forthcoming)
A Place For Dreams, Berggruen Gallery. San Fransico, CA. (Forthcoming)
Seeuferweg- Livie Fine Art. Zurich, Switzerland
Light Reflecting Distance, The Pit, Los Angeles, CA.

Selected Poems, Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
Birds At Night, Althuis Hofland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Poet And The Muse, Galeri Sabine Knust. Munich, Germany
Cold On The 4th Of July, Institute 193b, New York, NY.
The Online Arch, Althuis Hofland Fine Art, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Online Exhibition)

Hermes Riders Lounge, Lyon, France
Pink Moon; River Walk, W/ Sylvia Fragoso – Left Field Gallery, San Louis Obispo, CA Plan B Fair- Abigail Oglivy Gallery, New York, NY
Wooden Mushroom Garden, Resort Gallery, Baltimore, MD
Tur Til Turtle Island, SoCo Gallery, Charlotte NC

Giardino Di Funghi In Legno – Cellar Contemporary, Trento IT
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Sometimes Grey, Ampersand Gallery, Portland, OR Houten Paddestoelen,  Ornis Althuis Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Man From Taured, Boy Toy Championships, Los Angeles, CA

House Special, Austin Eddy – EDDYSROOM, Brooklyn, NY
Flying Fingers, One Night Show presented by Half Gallery – Cafe Henri, New York, NY
Garmonbozia pt.2 – One River School, Allendale NJ
Garmonbozia pt.1 – One River School, Inglewood, NJ
Walking To Work, Two Person Show w. Benjamin Edmiston – David Shelton Gallery, Houston, TX Follow The Crooked Path (Though It Be Longer),  Taymour Grahne Gallery, New York, NY

On The Nose, Two-Person Show w. Scott Anderson – Denny Gallery, New York, NY
The Gloaming, Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX

Two Friends Walk Into A Bar… – Launch F-18 Gallery Project Space, New York, NY
It’s Not That Simple – Workshop @ Christian Berst Art Brut. New York, NY.
Finger Nose Thumb – Roberto Paradise, San Juan. New York, NY

Someone to Ride the River With, Get This Gallery, Atlanta GA Down in the Blanket – Bendixen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark

Afterclaps, The Horticultural Society, New York, NY
Austin Eddy: Full Moon Swoon, University of Kentucky Hospital, Lexington, KY
It’ll be ok, Roberto Paradise, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Faces by Austin Eddy, Important Projects, Oakland, CA


Selected Group Exhibitions

Art Fair W/ Capsule Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Volta Basel, Abigail Oglivy Gallery. Basel, SI.
Art Rotterdam, Althuis Hofland Fine Art. Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Lost In Paradise,  Martina Tauber Fine Art.  Munich, Germany
10 year anniversary group show, Launch F-18. New York, NY.
Looking Forward, Looking Back, Madelyn Jordan Fine Art, Scarsdale, NY.

36 paintings, Harper’s Books, East Hampton, NY
Group Show, The Pit. Los Angles, CA. (forthcoming)
Supper, Deli Grocery. Brooklyn, NY. (forthcoming)
Group Show, Alexander Berggruen Gallery. New York, NY.
The Collectors Room  –  JMG Gallery. London, UK.
Art on paper, Absolute Art. New York, NY.
Flat File Show, Camayuhs. Atlanta, GA.
2020 Thierry Goldberg, New York, NY.

Ornament Ho-Hum All Ye Faithful. Bravin Lee Programs. New York, NY.
Salon Show, Abigail Ogilvy Gallery. Boston, MA.
Nada Miami, Althuis Hofland and. Miami, FL.
MECA International, Embajadada. San Juan, PR.
MOCAD Annual Bene t and Group Show, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Detroit, MI.
Garden, Shrine Gallery, New York, NY
Art Crush Auction, Aspen Art Museum, Aspen CO.
The Barn Show, organized by Johannes Vogt, East Hampton, NY
Upstairs Art Fair, Half Gallery – East Hampton, NY.
Dallas Art Fair, Half Gallery – Dallas, TX
Big Ringer – Group Show Curated by Andrew Gunther – Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York, NY
Supper, Deli Grocery Gallery – Brooklyn, NY
Garden Of Earthly Delights – Curated by Timothy Bergstrom – Washington Center For The Arts, Washington, CT Floor To Ceiling – Off White Columns at Phillips, New York, NY
Note Book – Group Show curated by Joanne Greenbaum – 56 Henery, New York, NY
In The Night Kitchen – Group Show curated by Pablo De Pinho – Pt.2 Gallery, Oakland, CA

MOCAD Annual Bene t Auction and Group Show, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Detroit, MIsorry we weren’t here to meet you, we’ve been out exploring, Group Show, Usagi. Brooklyn, NY Re-arrange, Group Show, Juxtapose Gallery, Mana Contemporary, Journal Square, NJ EDDYSROOM, @ Galleri Thomassen, Galleri Thomassen, Gotberg, SE
EDDYSROOM @ Usable Space – Usable Space Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
Night Swimming – Abigail Ogilvy Gallery, Boston MA
Group Show, Viu Gallery, Queens, NY
Conveyor, Organized by Young Space, Morgan Fine Arts Building, Brooklyn, NY
Love Letter To Miro, Fresh Windows Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Harpers Books Pop Up, Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles, CA
Set Up Fair, Cellar Contemporary, Bologna, IT
One Night, Two Years, Curated by EDDYSROOM,  Playa Del Carmen, MX

Et Tu Art Brute, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York, NY Riot Act, Gangway, Newport, RI
Summer of Undertone, POC Marseille, Marseille, France
Group Show, Green Door Gallery, Chicago, IL
Cabin Fever, Curated by Matthew Dale Fischer, Marsh eld, WI
Zing Zam Blunder, Curated by Brian Scott Campbell, Harbinger Projects, Reykjavík, IS Dallas Art Fair, Taymour Grahne, Dallas, TX
Vatic Utterance, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Visible and Permanent, Carrie Secrist Gallery, Chicago, IL
Art Herning, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Herning, DK
23rd Annual Watermill Center Summer Bene t & Auction, Water Mill, NY
Fresh stART, Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

If You Build It, The Willows, New York, NY
Hungry For Color, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus, DK
Code Art Fair – Bendixen Contemporary Art. Copenhagen, DK
The Barn Show,organized by Johannes Vogt, East Hampton, NY
Four Painters, Fredericks and Freiser, New York, NY
SUMMERZCOOL, David Shelton, Houston, TX
Got It For Cheap, VOL. 2,3,4 David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, Sweden
Agnes B. Gallerie, Paris, France
All Tomorrows Parties, Hathaway David Contemporary, Atlanta, GA Group Show – Bendixen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark
Dallas Art Fair, Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX
Imagine, Brand New Gallery, Milan, IT
Young Frankensteins, Lesley Heller, New York, NY
Fifth Show: Pink And Green, EDDYSROOM, Brooklyn, NY Contemporary Practice – New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester, NH Group Show – Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, NY

Double Nickels On The Dime, D’Agostino & Fiore, New York, NY
Black and Whiteish, EDDYSROOM, Brooklyn, NY
Expo Chicago, Roberto Paradise, Chicago, IL
Outta Town Sh*t Group Show, Curated by Nina Chanel Abney – Kravits Wehby Gallery, New York, NYSpirit Of The Dead Watching, Devening Projects & Editions, Chicago, IL
Metamodern, Denny Gallery, New York, NY
Re guring, Coburn Projects, London, GB
Black & White Show, Curated by Brian Alfred – Ameringer|McEnery|Yohe, New York, NY
Character Traits, Curated by Matt Craven – Asya Giesberg, New York, NY
I Am What I Am Not Yet, Madelyn Jordon Fine Art Gallery, Scarsdale, NY
NADA New York, Roberto Paradise, New York, NY
What’s Up?, Bendixen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, DK
Material Art Fair – Roberto Paradise, Mexico City, MX
The World Is Not The Earth, Adams And Ollman, Portland, OR
Group Show, Left Field Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Duck Show, Minotaur Projects. Los Angeles, CA
New Narratives, Storefront Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Translated Cities, Shirin Gallery, New York, NY
PRTY PPL, Curated by Josh Reames – Circuit 12 Contemporary, Dallas, TXBene t Auction – Museum of Art Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR
BAM Auction – Chiem and Read, New York, NY

Secret Santa Key Party, Orgy Park, Brooklyn, NY
Buying Friends, Ryan Kortman Collection – Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, MI
Winter Show, Group Show – Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, SE
Ducks, Organized by Ryan Travis Christian – Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Rendering Emblems, LVL 3 Gallery, Chicago, IL
I am jealous of your failures, University of Illinois Gallery, Spring eld, IL
Two River 2014 – One River School Gallery, Englewood, NJ
Nada NYC – Roberto Paradise, New York, NY
Ex-Y, Cydonia Gallery, Dallas, TX
Exquisite Corpse, Mass Gallery, Austin, TX
Life of The Party, Fowler Arts Collective, Brooklyn, NY
WAP Assistant Group Show, MOCA Georgia, Atlanta, GA
Other Peoples Paintings, Group Show, Curated by Matthew Fischer- Torance Shipman Gallery, Brooklyn, NY last night I had a glimpse of the good life, Thierry Goldberg Gallery, New York, NY
Woodpoint and Kingsland Art on Skateboards Show – Debuck Gallery, New York, NY
Feeling Human, Bleaker St. Arts Club, New York, NY
Incognito, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA
Nada Miami, Roberto Paradise, Miami, FL
Pink Show, Cathouse FUNeral Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Black and White Show, Curated by Brian Alfred – Lamontange Gallery, Boston, MA
Fishing in the dark, Anonymous Group Show, Violets Café, Brooklyn, NY
NADA Miami – Roberto Paradise, Miami, FL
AQUA Miami – Get This Gallery. Miami, FL
Christmas Show, Bendixen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, DK
Postcards From the Edge, Visual Aids Bene t Auction – Luhring, Augustine, New York, NY.

Baithers, Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York, NY
NADA NYC, Roberto Paradise, New York, NY
Expanding mind and space, Bendixen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, DK
News from New York, Curated by Jens-Peter Brask – Tom Christofferson Gallery, Copenhagen, DK Bones – Center-Center Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
One and Done, Launch Pad, Brooklyn, NY
Typhoon Haiyan Bene t, The Lodge Gallery, New York, NY

Where My Cones At? Curated by Ryan Travis Christian – POVEvolving, Los Angeles, CA Agro Crag – Bosi Contemporary, New York, NY
The Double Dirty Dozen and Friends, Freight and Volume, New York, NY
Where My Cones At? Curated by Ryan Travis Christian – Double Break, San Diego, CA.
Yeah we friends and shit, Josee Bienvenu Gallery, New York, NY
Blood & Fire Bene t Auction – Roots and Culture, Chicago, IL


Selected Publications
Zine – Nieves Books- Artist Book, 2019 (forthcoming)

Pattern no.4, Artists Book – Ampersand Gallery, 2018
Giardino Di Funghi In Legno – Exhibition Catalog – Cellar Contemporary, 2018

Follow The Crooked Path (Though It Be Longer), Exhibition Catalog – Self-Published, 2017

ROYGBIV, Artist Book – EDDYSROOM, 2016
Flying-Fingers Over Ding-Dong Beach, Artist Book – Yondler Bordino Verlag, 2016 Green Zine, Artist Book – Self -Published, 2016

The Double Dirty Dozen and Friends, Exhibition Catalog, 2012

Big Youth: New Painters from Chicago, Exhibition Catalog, 2009