During the recent quarantine artist Bart Kok made linocuts, of which the prints are currently on view in the viewing room.

Every print is available for 180 euro incl btw/vat & shipping (every cut has 3 prints)

The works of Bart Kok are paintings about painting, and its actual act and the myth of the artist.  Painting influenced by paintings and the process of painting and becoming an artist. Kok observes, and uses elements of painters having similar intentions in their works and turns them into a language of his own. Elements of styles and subject matters by Vincent van Gogh, Raoul de Keyser, Co Westerik, Joris Ghekiere, Armando, Constant Permeke, Per Kirkeby, Roger Raveel, Gustaaf de Smet, Howard Hodgkin, Leon Adriaans, Morandi, James Ensor, and Giorgo de Chirico appear in his work.

In 2016, Kok was awarded the Royal Award for Modern Painting (NL); his works are in many private collections and in the corporate collections of Albert Heijn and KPMG.