07 September - 31 December, 2019

Press release

The Gemma: ART BAR KIPPY September 2019 – January 2020

The ART BAR KIPPY is a bar in honor of artist Martin Kippenberger, initiated by artists Arthur Stokvis,Vincent Boschma and Bonno van Doorn, down in the cellar space (The Gemma) at Althuis Ho and FineArts. Initiated because – to use their own words: ‘The city of Amsterdam lacks a worthy art pub where artists, curators, gallerists, art lovers and relatives can come together in an informal way while enjoying art and beer.’ The bar will serve its own brewed ‘Kippy’ beer, and will irregularly organize exhibitions and events.


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07 September 2019 Opening Art Bar Kippy
20 September 2019 ‘Focus’ by Thijs Rhijnsburger
04 October 2019 ‘Alles Fein, Alles Klar’ by Niko Riedinger
12 October 2019 ‘Sudden Fun’ by Meeus van Dijk
18 October 2019  performance by Pasquale Calo Quartet & Salvoandrea Lucifora
19 October 2019 ‘Underground Resistance’ by Marcel van den Berg
25 October 2019 ‘Perry & The Hot Shots’ by Peer Vink
01 November 2019 ‘High Floored Basement Grotto’ by Mike Moonen
06 November 2019 ‘Exoskleletons’ by Fraser Stewart
15 November 2019 ‘A Neverending Love Story  – Thinging about Things’ by Arash Fakhim
22 November 2019 ‘Ursala and Mr. Almost Armegeddon’ by Danielle Hoogendoorn & Frederique Jonker
30 November 2019 ‘Green Screen, Green Trees’ by Martin Hoener, Hannah Rath, Verena Schöttmer & Tillmann Terbuyken
07 December 2019 ‘Mind Your Step’ by Jim Mooijekind
13 December 2019 ‘The Creeper by Alban Karsten and Kitty Maria’
11 January, 2020 ‘Splitter Splatter’