Eva Beresin trained as a painter at the Budapest School of Visual Arts. The daughter of an art collector, she was always exposed to the art world from an early age, and since the age of 9 she has known that painting is her great passion.

In 2015, Beresin realised a deeply personal exhibition project for the Charim gallery in Vienna that brought her into the international art spotlight, titled My Mother’s Diary: Ninety-Eight Pages, that was also materialised as a book. This acclaimed exhibition was based on a diary written by her mother after her liberation from Auschwitz. With a bold handling of symbolism, her work captures stories inspired by tragic situations, but wrapped in a positive atmosphere, being able to extract beauty from pain. “You have to have a sense of humour to cope with horror,” explains Beresin. “My courage to show all this somehow makes me laugh and encourages me because, despite all the hardships, we are still here”.

Of Beresin’s work, art critic Kenny Schachter has said that “her paintings are equally seductive, hilarious and disturbing. While lulled into a false sense of comforting entertainment, Eva hits us over the head after luring us in with her unparalleled, unbridled, symbolically violent and disturbing images.”


Born 1955, Budapest, Hungary



School of Visual Arts, Budapest, Hungary


Solo exhibitions

Absorbed by digestion, Althuis Hofland Fine Art, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Aktenkundig (On Record), Spazio Amanita, New York, NY
GHOSTBUSTERS, Eva Beresin & Constance Tenvik, Charim Galerie, Vienna, Austria
A daily exercise of deadly sins and other nonsense, Fundación La Nave Salinas, Ibiza, Spain
Hidden Messages, Charim Galerie, Vienna, Austria

Beware of the spirits that you call, M+B, Los Angeles, CA
Artssima, Charim Galerie, Turin, Italy
Constant Impermanence, Althuis Hofland Fine Art, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nothing everything is special, OOPS Kenny Schachter online show
Vienna Contemporary, Charim Galerie, Vienna, Austria
We are back again, Charim Galerie, Vienna, Austria
Felix Art Fair curated by Kenny Schachter, Los Angeles, CA

Transfer, Charim Galerie, Vienna, AustriaWeihnuka, Charim Galerie, Vienna, Austria
Antwerp Art Weekend, Charim Galerie, Vienna, Austria

Home sweet home (Parallel art fair Vienna), Charim Galerie, Vienna, Austria
Out of the studio, Charim Galerie, Vienna, Austria
Galeries choice (Parallel art fair Vienna), Charim Galerie, Vienna, Austria

Chaj Wekajam (Parallel art fair Vienna), Charim Galerie, Vienna, Austria

Eighty-nine pages, Charim Galerie, Vienna, Austria

Flatware, Vienna, Austria

New Images, House Wittgenstein, Vienna, Austria

BeSichter2, Vienna, Austria

Perspective, Vienna, AustriabeSichter, Vienna, Austria

Expression, New Jersey Expression, Vienna, Austria


Group exhibitions

MiArt, M+B, Los Angeles, CA
Unsafe at Any Speed, curated by Kenny Schachter, Morton St. Partners, New York, NY
Punk Tyrol, Spazio Amanita at the stable, S-Chanf, Switzerland
GHOSTBUSTERS, Charim Galerie, Vienna, Austria

Mutt Life, two-person exhibition with Kenny Schachter, Allouche Benias Gallery, Athens, Greece
The Loneliest Sport curated by Jacob Hyman and Caio Twombly, Spazio Amanita, New York, NY
The Frog Show, Real Pain, New York City, NY
All About Eva (and me): New works by Eva Beresin & Kenny Schachter, Charim Galerie, Vienna, Austria
Breadcrumbs: Art in the Age of NFTism, curated by Kenny Schachter, Galerie Nagel Draxler, Cologne, Germany
Thanks for the Sour Persimmons, Philipp Zollinger Galerie, Zurich, CH


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Constant Impermanence, Eva Beresin, published by Althuis Hofland Fine Arts, Amsterdam

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