What the eyes of artist Bart Kok catch on his daily strolls is what you see directly reflected in his bright and whimsical paintings. Paintings that flirt with pointillism, expressionism and Art brut, but foremost explore the digital translation of the landscape in colors and contrasts, closely related to Pop-art and graffiti-culture. Simultaneously with his move from the vibrant city of Antwerp, to a deserted rural Dutch town called Lochem, landscapes shifted from backdrop to main subject in his works. With the absence of the city scene, his new environment forced Kok to solely concentrate of what his eyes were left with; nature.

By using high contrasts and oversaturated colours and by dividing them evenly on the canvas, he wants to create the illusion of light coming through the back of the canvas and mimic the way a computer screen works. Kok boldens what he sees, similar to the principles of Pop-art and Art brut, close to his first love graffiti, yet playfully referencing pointillism and expressionism.


Photo by Arjan Gotink

Born in 1985, Lochem, The Netherlands
Lives and works in Lochem, The Netherlands



Master of fine arts 2015 Sint Lucas Antwerp (BE) (graduated with honours)
Massterclass by prof. dr. Bart Verschaffel about stilllife painting Sint Lucas Antwerp (BE)  Participated in the winter school program about Publication / artistic research, ECAV Sierre (CH)

Bachelor fine arts, AKV St. Joost, Breda (NL)



The Ideology of pipe smoking, Ornis A. Gallery Amsterdam, The Netherlands (s)
Young New Painters, Ornis A. Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (g)

Koninklijke Prijs voor Vrije Schilderkunst 2016, Paleis op de dam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (g)
In het midden (2), TAC temporary art centre, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (g)

Final exhibition MASTER of FINE ARTS, st Lucas Antwerp, Belgium (g)
Nr 5, Luchtkasteel, Arnhem, The Netherlands (g)
In het midden, TAC temporary art centre, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (g)
A l’etat sauvage, maison d’ art & design + les forges de troncais, France (g)

CA-YAC-Z, Contempary art-young artists contest, De rozentuin Zeeland, The Netherlands (g)
Am I wrong, final exhibition, Sint Lucas Antwerp, Belgium (g)
(Dis)orientation, groupproject, Wolke building Brussels, Belgium (g)
Luchtkasteel day, Luchtkasteel Arnhem, The Netherlands (g)
Met de traagheid van het drogen, Kavka Antwerp, Belgium (solo)

Ex-positie, De Fabriek Eindhoven (g)
No more heroes, Breda, The Netherlands (g)
Ongekend young masters auction, De Hermitage Amsterdam, Amsterdam (g)
Word of mouth, De showroom Antwerp, Belgium

Breaking the wall, De Fabriek Eindhoven, The Netherlands (g)
Ongekend young masters, CBK Rotterdam, The Netherlands (g)
Final exhibition bachelor fine arts, AKV.StJoost Breda, The Netherlands (g)
Het ontstaan uit het niets is niets bij, Pictura Dordrecht, The Netherlands (g)
Ongekend young masters, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (g)

Maar enzovoorts, Lokaal 01 Breda, The Netherlands (g)
Hans Brinker budget trophy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (g)